In lutherie, theatre, art, philosophy or cars, Camino Verde’s books are of high quality. The team is small but dynamic, attentive to the authors, and always looking for excellence in the production of texts and their translation, photos and documents, graphic design, printing and shipping of the books.


  • Lutherie

    Indispensable partners of concert guitarists, the luthiers often work behind the scenes. Alberto Martinez became interested in them and their high-flying craftsmanship from 2010. He devotes a free online magazine to them, Orfeo magazine, in three different languages (French, English and Spanish) compiled into books every five issues as well as monographs on the great luthiers of the past (simultaneously in French and English).

  • Theatre

    Camino Verde's “Theater” collection began in 2011 with books-discs, to perpetuate both a text and its interpretation in public. It continues with texts from contemporary shows.

  • Philosophy
  • Cars
  • Art

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