• Live shows

    The artist is alone on stage. He interprets a text, his own or that of an author, and the spectator leaves the theatre with the desire to prolong the dream by reading the text, by listening to the recording of a performance of the show, by both in parallel, by one or the other separately…

    This has been Camino Verde’s proposal since 2011 with this collection of shows to read and listen to.

  • DVD

    In 2011 and 2012, Camino Verde published the last two shows of Michèle Guigon in books-discs. We find them here on DVD with a host of bonuses to the delight of those who loved Michèle Guigon (theatre). Maire-Thérèse Orain, Madame Raymonde and Clémentine are also honored in their stage performances (French songs).

  • Discs

    Pas étonnant que Camino Verde produise de la chanson française quand son éditrice en chante elle-même ! Après avoir produit trois disques personnels, elle a l’a fait pour Marie-Thérèse Orain et son livre-disque « Intacte », édité les partitions des chansons de Jacques Debronckart de ce disque, de même que celles interprétées dans le disque « Voix de cailloux » par Rémo Gary.

  • Books

    In lutherie, theatre, art, philosophy or cars, Camino Verde’s books are of high quality. The team is small but dynamic, attentive to the authors, and always looking for excellence in the production of texts and their translation, photos and documents, graphic design, printing and shipping of the books.

  • Scores

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